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Wooden Pallet
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   Our company is specialized in producing 
each kind of fumigation / heat treatment
(It accords with IPPC standard and provides
fumigation certificate . It may smoothly
clear pass in overseas ) ,the wooden pallet ,
pad warehouse board , shovel board , packing
case . With the world environment protection
consciousness increasingly enhanced and to
the imported-commodity on packing material r
equest . the company is specialized in studing
the depth of specialized in processing ,
especially , compound board , multi-layered
plywood manufacture pallet , packing case
Outbound cargo handling pesticides wood 
Wood packaging of goods from pesticide&n
Exit quarantine treatment of wood packag
Exit quarantine and supervision of wood&
International wood packaging (tray) of t
The use of common sense on the 
On the types of pallets
On the concept of pallets
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Address: Nine warehouses, Yongsheng Village, Pujiang Town,Minhang District,Shanghai
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